love of my life

love of my life
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Happy And Complete Family

Happy And Complete Family

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Projects...Bring it On!!!!!!!!!

Well so I don't know if it's Pinterest, moving to Tennessee, being so freakin lonely that I'm gonna seriously pick up a homeless person for company, or maybe it's all of it....well whatever it is I am gonna keep on doing fun projects because it makes me happy and dang it I need to be happy! It's the year of being happy for Ali and I am trying to work on just that, not an easy journey as some may say or think, well another time and place for depth so let's keep it light and fun!! ;) okay so here are the two new projects of the day! One for the day to day and my new Halloween Wreath!!! So much fun and super easy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A little Tennessee Craftin'

So it's been a while since I've done some good craftin' so I got in the spirit this past weekend and wanted to share some of my little successes (at least I'm a little proud of myself), ya'll just let me know what ya think, I'm only good comments of course! ;) lol Well so I used to do a menu to keep me in check and organized for dinners and of course I got out of the swing of that and sometimes I'm like "oh joy, what to make for dinner yet again tonight!!!" yes, there was some sarcasm in that if you're wonderin. So of course pinterest had lots of cute ideas for menus and I just let my mind go and this is what I came up with!! I bought a frame and decorated it to my liking, added the days of the week and added magnetic strips to keep it easy to change out new meals. I added some laminate over the meals tabs because if they are in my kitchen they will get messy so why not prevent myself from re-doing all these little tabs?! So here is the finished product!!!

So then I knew I needed some way to store these little guys and decided to do some cute glass jars and decorate them, mind started goin again as usual and whhhaaaalaaa I was so happy with the outcome!!! I did a "new" jar for the meals I haven't used yet in my rotation to keep things fresh and new for dinners and I used an "old" jar for all my meals already used! I kinda like it! :) And here's the before, plain jar only $2.50 and so with a little paint and some love....

And so that was my finished menu project!!! I had so much fun making it! Although I wish I had some friends or my best-friend (my sister) to share and do these fun projects with, it's not the same doing all this crafty stuff without all my family and friends to share it with :( but I at least get to share it through here with ya'll and I hope you like how it turned out!!!

Ok so the next project I did was so necessary because of my little monkey's or should I just call them like they are?!! Tasmanian Devils! Ahhhh!!! They are messy little things aren't they, all kids right?! I mean I give it up to ya if your kids are super neat and organized, but even with all the lessons on organization it still seems like a broken record kinda thing huh??! At least here it does! lol Well so I love climbing stairs and all the exercise but enough was enough, I started making little piles on the bottom of the stairs of all their toys and clothes, shoes and such (I keep a few pairs of shoes downstairs for um, but their whole collection is a bit much right??! LOL) well so I remembered seeing something on pinterest about baskets at the bottom of the stairs with the first letter of their names on each one, so I gave it a go because I found super cheap baskets, I think at Tuesday Morning and so I got the rest of the material, painted their letters (actually my boys painted them, I was happy to let um help!) and here it is!
Ok so if you haven't Noticed I really really Like Aqua and that is my statement color in my home, with my black and whites and tans!!! I love me some beautiful Aqua!!!! LOL it is just a fun and calming color! So what do ya think!? Do you guys like my little projects! I think I'm gonna keep going, I have so many more ideas!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just a little bit of South Carolina

   So thank goodness for business trips, and my wonderful hubby who took us along while he worked and we played!! So Charelston SC is really pretty and has a wonderful history feel to it. We really enjoyed getting out of our condo in Tennessee since our furniture and things, or "crap" as my husband puts it hasn't arrived yet and won't for another week or two! Don't ask, it's a long and dreadful story involving lots of tears and headaches...tears because I think I've had a few mental breakdowns through this moving process! So this trip was just what we all needed, the beds especially were a big bonus, air mattresses are good for a day or so, after that you start to feel old because the old back starts hurtin! The trip there was nice, even with all the drivin we've been doin, it has all been certainly pretty, all the greenery is just breath-taking at moments. This is a pic I took on the way to Tennessee the other week, It was like this the whole drive there in Tennessee, so pretty!
   Well once we got to Charleston we explored a little and  found an awesome little place by the beach called the Crab Shack, not the nicest looking, but the food was pretty yummy, at least what we tried! It was pretty packed and happenin for a monday night and the reviews looked good online so we had fun experiencing it! I finally had the chance for the first time in my life to try Fried Green Tomatoes!!! And what better place to do it than South Carolina??! I've been wanting to try them since I was a little girl and obsessed with the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes", they made them look and sound so good in that movie!! lol Come on ladies you know what I mean!........
   We then took a stroll to the beach that night and walked out on the pier which extends more than 1,045 feet in the Atlantic Ocean!!! It was awesome and really beautiful! I got a snap shot offline during the day to show you how long it was, and the night shot is when we were there.
   It was pretty funny because I was teasing the boys saying better watch for sharks out here, then we happened to walk by a lad who actually caught a baby shark!! LOL It was a pretty neat experience, we got to pet a baby shark, even Audri did it!
   Careful where you park if you head that way, we came back and had a little something-something, to put it politely, waiting on our car window! There goes $50.00 bucks dannnngittt!!
 Well the next day I got to spend much needed time and rest on the beach with the kids while sergio worked. Did I say rest? Well I did hope and dream for a little rest that day, but oh I woke up quick, oh my Audri took the rest and threw that right out the window! She is one handful, full of spice and attitude to boot!!! We had some fun though...
   Love those beach curls my baby has, she has um anyhow, but they are just so cute at the beach! Anyways, we grabbed takeout and went to pick up Daddy and went home, we were all pooped!
   So the next day I took the kiddos explorin', we went to Charelston City Market which is full of history and of course SHOPPING!!! This market dates back to 1840 so it was pretty amazing to see it still there! We got to stroll down the market hall, which has tons of things like the famous sweetgrass baskets that we got to watch the ladies weave right there in front of us. The boys enjoyed that!
 Here we are waiting for our trolly to come and pick us up!
Oh then Audri decided she no longer wanted to sit on the bench and wait and I told her she had to sit because of the cars on the street and she didn't like me tellin her what to do so what does she do??!!! Hmm can you guess from this pic?? She has this down to a T ! lol
   She even gave an "hhhhmmm" and all!! lol
   We had fun going all around and then we felt like getting an ice cream cone since it was pretty hot out and we hit the motherload...oh yes the motherload of candy shops called "Kilwins Chocolate and Ice Cream!!!! Oh they had fudge, I die for fudge so of course I got like 3 lbs or so ;) yummmm! And we got our ice cream cones too! It was a fun day!
  We picked dad up after we were done and enjoyed dinner at a bbq place that was yummy and pretty cheap too! Audri was nice to share with daddy!! ;)
    And the boys decided on the ribs, they got messy quick!
 Donivan wasn't sure if he should lick um or wipe um, guess which one he chose? OH yeah, he licked um!! LOL
  So we all hit the beach our last day there before we headed for Florida to see Sergio's family!!
LOTS and LOTS of FUN!!!! See ya again hopefully soon Charleston!!! :) Off we got To FLORIDA!!! We got to drive through Georgia and stopped to get what-else but famous Georgia peaches of course! lol
   I'm a big dork I know, but hey I had to amuse myself on these long drives! lol
   So we made it to Florida and surprised Sergio's parents who were visiting his cousins that live there! It was pretty awesome to see how surprised and happy they were!! So of course off to the beach again! Jessica and Lew, our cousins live five minutes from it!!! Lucky ducks they are! :)
    All the little cousins!!! The had so much fun playing together!!
 Donivan was happy to find seashells!
 Sergio and his parents and his cousin Jessica!
 Goofy picture!!
 Isabella was so good with Audriana, she played with her a lot!
 Audriana couldn't get enough of the ocean, she loves the water!
The next day you can guess what we did??! The beach again! Loved every minute of it! Audriana took a break from swimming and had some popcorn!
 the kids had fun putting seaweed all over their cousin and brother Adrian! LOL poor guy!
beach bums ;) lol cute!
 Ha ha this one makes me laugh, Coco is like "give some to papi!!!" love it!
 Lew was very sweet, he played with Audri and entertained her, she became his little buddy!
Well we are beached out, but we had such a fun time in South Carolina and in Florida!! That was tow of our little adventures so far this summer!